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Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meetings

2018 Annual General Meeting Saturday August 11 at 9:00 at Parc Thibault

Minutes of BOD Meetings

Next meetings:

Saturday May 12 at 9:30 at Parc Thibault

Saturday June 9 at 9:30 at Parc Thibault

Welcome to 2018

Our mission is to safeguard the investments made by lake St. Pierre property owners in their lake properties - both in terms of the economic investments as well as the quality of life.

Primary Focus :
Our primary focus is the quality of the water.
We recognize the direct linkage between property values and the quality of the lake water. We also recognize that the quality of our water is directly linked to the collaborative efforts of all property owners in managing the quality of the water. Therefore, our primary focus over the next year or two is to connect/reconnect with all the property owners to get them to join our collaborative efforts in managing (i.e., safeguarding and improving) the quality of our lake water.

To achieve our primary focus of connecting/reconnecting with all lake property owners to solicit their support in safeguarding their investments in their lake properties via the overall management of our water system, we have agreed to the following goals:

  • Increase our membership: we need to inform all property owners of the negative impact on their investments if we do not collectively manage the quality of the water. We need to inform them of our commitment as an Association to work towards safeguarding our property investments.

  • Collaborate with the Federation of Lakes: we need to inform all property owners of the unique opportunity we now have to collaborate with other lakes in our water basin. The Federation of Lakes is comprised of about 30 lakes in Val-des-Monts. We have been informed that our influence/power at the municipal government level is based on numbers (i.e., members)
  • Reliable water testing: we need to inform all property owners of the current status of our water quality testing program and the test results (scientific results) along with a proven and accepted water quality framework that is realistic and easy to understand. Refer to the Water Quality section for more details.

  • Realistic strategies: we need to inform all property owners of the major causes of our water quality situation and agree on which ones are manageable in the short-term versus which ones are manageable in the longer-term as well as which ones are no longer or not manageable. For example:
    • Septic systems
    • Fertilizers and insecticides
    • Consumable products (cleaning and hygiene by property owners)
    • Management of shoreline (trees, plants, shrubs, etc.)
    • Algae (the weed problem)
    • Land development (roads, tree clearing, etc.)
    • Etc.

Association Lac St-Pierre
50 ch du Sénateur, Val-des-Monts (Québec) J8N 2R7



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