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Bay Captains


  • To monitor the quality of the water in each of the lakes major bays especially as it pertains to ‘blue-algae’.
  • To disseminate information to residents of each bay on water quality issues including how to deal with the blue algae situation should it arise.
  • To provide a contact person for the residents of each bay to report to and communicate with on water quality issues.
  • To have a team of ‘bay captains’ who can readily report on the status of the water quality in their bay and therefore provide the Lake St. Pierre Association Board members with a complete picture of the lakes water quality status over the course of the year. The Board in turn, will keep the Federation of Lakes Association informed of Lake St. Pierre’s water quality status and issues.

Bay Captain Activities

  • Inform bay residents of the role of the ‘bay captain’ and how to be contacted.
  • Report all water quality issues (i.e. a blue-algae bloom) immediately to the Lake St. Pierre Board and to the Federation of Lakes.
  • Disseminate information pertaining to water quality to all bay residents
  • The ‘bay captain’ will be the voice of the bay residents with respect to water quality issues reporting to the Board of Lake St. Pierre.
  • The Board will gather data from each of the ‘bay captains’ and provide feedback to each ‘bay captain’ who in turn can inform their bay residents.
  • ‘Bay captains’ will be encouraged to attend all Lake St. Pierre Board meetings.



Liste de Capitaines de baies - List of Bay Captains

Baie - Bay

Nom - Name

No. de telephone - Phone

Adresse courriel – Email address

Lac/Baie McMullin




Baie McGlashan




Baie Sud-Ouest du pont Ch. SĂ©nateur




Baie Est d’ile Déziel




Baie Ă  l'est du pont
Chemin Jeanne D’Arc

Luc Ringuette


Pointe Coldwell

Ginette Payant


Baie Sarrazin/ Mathé

Joanne Watson Stan Thompson


Guibord's Bay
Chemin Des Sources




Baie Sud-Est
Chemin Couronne




Bay DĂ©sormeaux feeding Lac MacArthur

Susan Martin


Chemin des bouleaux

Christian Phaneuf


Baie de la pointe Lockhart (jusqu'Ă  Coldwell)

Diane Treau de Coeli


Ch. SĂ©jour au ch. Croisant




Boat Launch to North Bay




Harold’s Baie (Gambrel to channel)

Patrice Bellehumeur


Ch. Promenade, Perron, Marie-Villa